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5 Reasons Why Businesses Need To Sync Stripe With Salesforce

Businesses should look into Salesforce & Stripe integration

A Stripe Salesforce connector solution can bolster cross-team coordination and provide teams with access to all the latest customer sales data. Our whistlestop guide will explore all the key benefits of integrating Stripe with Salesforce, along with how you can achieve this.

Stripe is home to a treasure trove of customer data for sales teams to sink their teeth into. Unfortunately, most sales teams do not have access to this data due to a lack of integration between their customer relationship management (CRM) software, Salesforce, and their payments processor, Stripe. The right integration can reshape workflows for the better.

There are five key reasons why you need to sync Stripe with Salesforce:

  1. Improve coordination between sales and finance teams
  2. Leverage financial data inside Salesforce
  3. Utilize a read-write and read-only permission framework
  4. Expedite time-to-payment
  5. Unlock value out-of-the-box with speedy installation

Let’s break each of these points down further.

Why should you connect Stripe and Salesforce?

1 – Improve coordination between sales and finance teams

Using a Stripe Salesforce integration, businesses can improve coordination between their sales and finance teams. This is because the integration creates a direct link between customer purchase data in Stripe and contact records in Salesforce. With a single point of access to pivotal data, you can break down silos, increase transparency, and improve team collaboration.

To make informed decisions quickly, your sales and finance teams need to have access to the latest customer purchase data. This data can be used to help finance teams with forecasting and provide sales teams with valuable insights that can be used to upsell, cross-sell, or simply nurture relationships. You no longer have to manually keep two data sets in sync.

2 – Leverage financial data inside Salesforce

A Stripe Salesforce integration will allow your sales reps to view valuable customer purchase data directly within Salesforce. This includes metrics such as lifetime value, customer churn rate, and average order value. With this data at their fingertips, your reps will have all they need to better understand customer behavior and improve the way they engage with customers.

3 – Utilize a Read-Write and Read-Only permission framework

When you connect Stripe and Salesforce, you can decide which user groups should have read-write access to customer purchase data. This permission framework gives you complete control over how your data is used and accessed, ensuring that only the people who need to see the data have access to it. This safety net is vital for security and compliance.

4 – Expedite time-to-payment

Using a purpose-built connector solution like Breadwinner, you can generate Stripe subscriptions directly from Salesforce opportunities. This enables you to accelerate time-to-payment by automating manual tasks and expediting processes. If you want to close deals faster and get paid sooner, consider using a Stripe Salesforce integration.

5 – Unlock value out-of-the-box with speedy installation

When you use an integration solution like Breadwinner, you can achieve a complete Stripe Salesforce integration in minutes. With no coding required, you can have the Salesforce-native integration up and running in an hour and start reaping the benefits immediately. The speedy installation process is ideal for those who want to hit the ground running.

Why use Breadwinner to connect Stripe with Salesforce?

Rather than rely on an iPaaS platform with complex integration tools, use a purpose-built solution like Breadwinner. Our connector is the ideal choice for integrating Stripe with Salesforce. If your sales and finance teams want to improve their coordination and unlock value out-of-the-box with a speedy solution, then Breadwinner is the connector for you.

To find out more about our Stripe Salesforce integration, you can book a demo today.

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